A native of Tulsa, Oklahoma, Evelyn received her                                                             BFA in photography from the University of                                                             Massachusetts.  She also studied at the University of                                                             Guadalajara, Mexico, Mass College of Art, the La                                                             Napoule Art Foundation in Southern France, and the                                                             College of  Europe in Brugge, Belgium.  

                                                            Evelyn spent 12 years showing her hand-painted                                                                     infrared photographs - inspired by extensive                                                             worldwide travel - at national art festivals and galleries, winning numerous awards and honors along the way.   Her love of painting eventually extended beyond the surface of her photographs and onto canvas.   As this artist’s journey continues to evolve from one medium to the next, the heart and soul of her passion for color and composition remain a defining element. 

“My style is a moving target. I paint what I feel on that particular day. I work in a spontaneous manner constantly aware of, and always hoping for, those “accidental” moments that can enrich the outcome. I strive not to force the content, but rather to let it emerge out of the process of painting itself. I rely on a combination of traditional and new techniques, color theory, and lucky mistakes.”  

As a largely self-taught painter, she is not bound by artistic convention. Instead, she uses that freedom to experiment with abandon and to explore new styles. Evelyn paints a variety of subject matter including evocative landscapes, timeworn buildings and boats, vivid abstracts and graceful figuratives. Her vibrant, textural paintings often representational at conception slowly evolve into the kind of contemporary works of art that have timeless appeal. Dripping lines of paint, various scratches and random markings lend a contemporary aesthetic to her pieces. Her unique style oscillates along a spectrum from realism to abstract. 

Her work has been shown in many galleries, collected by several large corporations and resides in hundreds of homes.

Evelyn lives in Atlanta, Georgia with her husband Michael and two sons, Ashton and Henry. When she’s not painting in the studio, she runs her own residential and corporate art consulting business, ArtSource Atlanta, founded fourteen years ago. 


Gallery Representation:

Burton Gallery
(Lake Burton, GA)

2Ten Gallery
(Las Vegas, New Mexico)
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